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Cognac Heritage



Setting aside this lot of eau-de-vie in the 1960s, Raymond Bertrand had perceived all its potential. More than half a century later, his grandchildren decide to share this legacy.
From the best parcels of Petite Fine Champagne, this cognac comes from ugni-blanc vines planted on the limestone vein of the locality De Laage, around the Moulin de Bel Air – the emblem of the Domaine des Brissons.
With all the expertise and ability of Raymond Bertrand, this lot was distilled ‘sur lies’ in small, wood fired stills of 8 hectolitres before being aged in ‘fûts roux’.
It is in the company of a Norwegian – a cognac geek – that this eau-de-vie was found in the “Neuf” cellar where the oldest cognacs of the estate are sleeping.
This unique lot is the very definition of rancio, the noble aroma found only in the greatest eaux-de-vie of the Charentes. Descended naturally, this cognac is pure and unfiltered.
All the generosity of Raymond Bertrand is here in this single lot series which is limited to 500 bottles. With this limited edition, lovers of our cognacs are part of our history, written since 1731.

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