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Signature Cocktails

The signature cocktails of the Bertrand family are a blend of technicality, travel and time.

Technicality first, as the cocktail is an exercise in style to obtain a perfect balance for the cognac – the king product – with its age and the other ingredients, between sweetness and acidity, between structure and the aromatic palette. For VS and VSOP to find their place, this balance results from a mixture of know-how and curiosity, inventiveness and experimentation.

A cocktail is a trip measured by centilitres to take a connoisseur by hand and palate into a world apart. With both French and Spanish origins, Thérèse, accompanied by Seph, the American, combine their roots and their trajectories around the world to create these recipes. Mixology implies a fantasy that crosses time zones.

There remains the notion of the moment; an afternoon by the water, the evening by a crackling fireplace, with a book, friends, music or laughter. Tinged with emotion, the cocktail refers to flavors that sublimate this moment. Chic and quirky, a moment casual and fresh, it is finally a matter of beauty, of a deliberately ephemeral art tasted with the eyes before it disappears.

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The 1731

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Cognac Sanguinello